Charitable Donations FAQ

What types of charitable donations are available?

Community Service Memberships Opportunities for earning a full or partial Texas Pool Membership through volunteering are available each season. The Texas Pool offers 5 Community Service Memberships per year. A Full Membership may be earned for 40 hours of approved community or committee service worked on behalf of the Texas Pool. Partial membership fee credit or commensurate guest passes may be earned based upon the number of hours worked. Typical service opportunities include gardening, painting, cleaning, marketing, and clerical work. Bartered memberships or partial memberships may also be available depending upon Texas Pool need and include facility repairs such as pool care/service, electrical work, fencing, plumbing and landscaping. Contact the Public Relations Director for more information: Charitable Memberships Individuals experiencing hardship may apply for a full or partial membership donation. Others may apply on behalf of families in need. The Texas Pool community is a source of support for those undergoing the extreme challenges that life sometimes presents. Criteria for receiving a charitable membership include financial and physical hardships. A detailed letter describing the circumstances of need is required. Up to 2 Texas Pool Family memberships may be donated to families in need per calendar year and may be rolled over for 1 calendar year if unused. Members and non-members may donate additional charitable memberships. Fundraisers
At the request of local charities, schools, and other nonprofits, a standard fundraising donation of 1 or more single day passes, or a 5 Star Guest Card may be made. Events
The Texas Pool may choose to host or sponsor community events held at the Texas Pool Facility or within the community. The Texas Pool recognizes that such events foster community connections and volunteerism. The Texas Pool may offer single day passes for individuals or families. A $50 Guest Card that may be exchanged for ½ off of a family membership may be awarded for larger events such as a raffle, auction, or grand prize. Donation of the Pool Facility
The Texas Pool may donate use of the facility to other nonprofit organizations. Such donations may be tax deductible for the Foundation and accomplish the Foundation mission of community outreach. Texas Pool 5 Star Guest Card
5 Star Guest Cards are used for promotional purposes by the Texas Pool Public Relations/Marketing Team and others. Educational Scholarships
Lifeguards, Jr. Lifeguards, prospective guards, and Board Members are eligible for possible l scholarships for advanced training and certifications that benefit the Texas Pool Mission. Little Free Library A Little Free Library is a “take a book, leave a book” free book exchange. Anyone may donate to the library or take a book from the library. The Little Free Library is maintained by Texas Pool volunteers. Donations may be sought from local libraries and book stores as well as from individuals within the community. An effort is made to keep the available literature “Family Friendly.” Little Free Pantry The Little Free Pantry is a grassroots, crowd-sourced solution to immediate and local need. Whether a need for food or a need to give, the Little Free Pantry facilitates neighbors helping neighbors, building community. Donations may be made directly to the pantry at the Texas Pool. The Little Free Pantry is maintained by Texas Pool volunteers. Community Bulletin Board The Texas Pool provides a community bulletin board for posting community news and events with advertising from local and home businesses and other non-profits.

How do I receive a donation?

Contact the Texas Pool Public Relations Director via email with a letter describing the type of donation and circumstances of need:

Who is eligible for a Texas Pool charitable donation?

Individuals, families, and nonprofit organizations within the Texas Pool Community.

What is the Texas Pool Foundation's mission statement?

The Texas Pool Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the Texas Pool landmark and to community outreach. Historically and architecturally unique, the Texas Pool is a local treasure and tourist attraction maintained and preserved by the Texas Pool Foundation. The Texas Pool Foundation provides access to swim safety education, swim lessons, and swimming opportunities for the general public, underserved, underprivileged, and special needs populations of Collin and Dallas Counties. The Texas Pool Foundation supports community building civic and public events held at the Texas Pool facility. With Texas' legendary spirit for living and giving, the Texas Pool Foundation honors the past, preserves the future and provides for today

I’d like to donate funding for a scholarship or charitable membership. How do I do this?

Donations of cash, goods and services to the Texas Pool Foundation are tax deductible. To donate funding for a scholarship, charitable membership or for any other Texas Pool need, please contact the:

How do I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Please contact the Texas Pool Treasurer:

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