Change the World

The word "change" is tossed about a lot and may be perceived as positive or negative. Yet, we as individuals have the power to turn change into a productive vehicle for community building and for our lives. By simply choosing to care, volunteers and supporters have ensured that the Texas Pool Landmark will be preserved for today and for future generations. In reaching out with expertise, time, and resources a circle of change occurs that leaves a lasting positive legacy for Plano, for Texas, and for the whole world. Texas Pool Board service provides an opportunity for personal growth, community connections, and resume building. This month we will welcome new Lifeguard and Events Directors, add donation recognition plaques to the new fence panels, and install a Plano Conservancy historical marker at the pool. Seeing is believing. Positive change is coming to the Texas Pool in 2017 and thanks to our members, volunteers, BOD, and the community, its gonna be as big as Texas. #LovePlano #SwimAcrossTexas

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