It’s been a summer of firsts, first fruits from the labors of our hands, our hearts, our community. New this season: a Community Garden, Little Free Pantry, Toddler Play Zone, Iron Fence, our own Texas Best Country Star Stephen James singing "Texas Pool Girls" from the Lifeguard stand, American Idol finalist Josh Wright in concert on the deck, and we have Mermaids! The Texas Pool is one of the only places in DFW where you'll find resident merfolk. Seeds of hope and faith, fertilized with the spice of sacrifice, lovingly nurtured and fiercely protected these past 10 years have come to fruition. And along the way, I've met so many innovative, creative, and compassionate people to partner with, to learn from, and to remember. We're harvesting the first fruits of those labors, you’re all a part of that, and it’s a yummy time to be making Texas Pool History.

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