School of Life

Whether you’re glad or sad, the new school year has arrived and another Texas Pool summer swims to a close. All of our Texas Pool college age Lifeguards have departed. Our high school aged guards are gearing up for a busy year of academics, extracurricular activities, and reduced Texas Pool hours. Texas Pool Junior Lifeguards are home and headed back to school and homeschool.

In our family, we’ve learned to embrace education as more a way of life than an actual classroom and school facility/faculty. Learning doesn’t stop when the bells ring, homeschooling is an option, and with technology today we have access to literature, museums, art, free college courses and so much more. Today’s generation enjoys infinite educational choice and greater opportunity for involvment than ever before.

The Texas Pool’s Little Free Library is one way to support public literacy in our community. Take a walk down to the pool. Pick up a book or drop one off. In learning, as in all things, there are many paths to success. We are all students in the school of life.

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