Honoring the first day of spring, I've begun spring projects in our home. One of those tasks, cleaning out the garage, has become a quagmire of belongings, heirlooms, and things we “might need someday.” As we age, and our loved ones join our forefathers in the hereafter, we may inherit photographs, letters and documents, videotapes and slides, clothes, dishes, and other personal effects collected over a lifetime. Living in a finite space with time and financial limitations, how do we decide what’s most important? Belongings can carry deep emotional attachment. Who decides what should be saved for future generations, what should be discarded, and what should be donated to others? The Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation, Inc. and the Texas Historical Commision go through a similar process on a much grander scale. In a recent blog series, the Plano Conservancy explores steps taken for the preservation of historic sites like the Texas Pool. Part 5 of the series shares the history of the Texas Pool and our bid for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.

Click here to learn more about historical sites right here at home.

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